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New York Cares VO

When I was a lifeguard I performed rescues and did CPR for people who’s lives were at risk. I once apologized to a Mom when I couldn’t save her son’s life. I had tried so hard. Another time a doctor and I saved the life of a little boy who couldn’t breathe. Her Mom was right beside us and took her little boy into her arms when he began to breathe. I was so grateful for this. So very grateful.

I never thought my acting or modeling or voiceovers would help save lives but I now think it will. Last week I was hired to do three voiceover spots for New York Cares. The work will help people who feel they can’t go on living. I did my very best for them and am praying it helps. This work means so much to me. Thanks to New York Cares, to the producers and to @malissayoung@malissayoungmgmt@chrissy_mariek@bicoastalmgmt

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